Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The New Improved Even Kinkier GOP

I don't really know why the GOP is going through convolutions about the revelations that young prospective donors were taken to a lesbian themed bondage club on the RNC tab. Up until this point the image of GOP sexuality was exemplified by a creepy senator hiring prostitutes to dress him in diapers. The bondage club escapade was a considerable improvement over the usual Profumo Affair type activities favored by right wing male politicians.

Consequently my suggestion to the Republican Party is that they embrace the newer, more youthful form of kinkiness this exemplifies, and I've compiled a potential list of theme songs for the GOP which allow them to both hold to tradition and reach out to the young whips and restraints crowd.

My first choice would be the Deadwood Stage (Whip Crack Away) song by Doris Day.

Then for an even more masculine cowboy themed number (it even has Clint Eastwood!!!) there is the Rawhide theme song

Finally, for the right wing evangelicals here's an old favorite which needs no explanation beyond the title

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