Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some photos from the Atlanta Teabagger's gathering

I'll write more about the Atlanta Teabagger's gathering later. I actually concentrated on photographing signs and crowd scenes, so my focus was away from the speaker's platform and on the crowds. As I'd guessed it was reasonably large, given Fox News's role in organizing the event (Hannity covered the Atlanta teabagging).

I'm not good at crowd estimates, but I'd say more than two thousand.

I took a bit over a hundred photos, and will put all of them in a publicly accessible location sometime over the next couple of days (I'm exhausted at the moment, which accounts for the lack of literary flourish and wit in the post).


NEWSGUY said...

Hey some nice shots and they carry out the theme of your blog title. Wingnuts in the wild. I used to work in Atlanta, channel 11. Lived in Kennesaw. Weird place, but a pretty nice surrounding, with all the trees. I hope they haven't chopped down the trees to make room for more houses. I always thought Atlanta was just kind of a strange place. I attended a church there once that was literally a hole in the ground. And a cameraman I worked with once caught evangleical snake handlers on film.

Nick said...

You must have left early if you are saying only 2,000 people showed up to the Atlanta Tea Party. There were estimated 3,000 around 10 am and it didn't kick off until later in the evening. Last report I heard was 15,000 around 9 p.m. and close to 20,000 before it was over.

Phineas Bounderby said...


I left about 8:30 or so, and even when I was there the crowd could have been well over 2,000. I was taking photographs, and wasn't even attempting to make crowd estimates. I'm sure that by later in the evening the count must have exceeded 10,000, since credible sources put it at that. I'd guessed earlier that Atlanta would be one of the larger gatherings, since Hannity was there.

Phineas Bounderby said...

Thanks, Newsguy. I've read your blog, and will start following it.

I actually live in two places in Atlanta (odd contract work related situation which will be thankfully over soon). My real home is right on the edge of downtown. But I spend most of the week in Smyrna (the same county as Kennesaw, but quite different).

genetic said...

so where's your analysis? too busy writing non-sensical posts on

Phineas Bounderby said...

Hi'ya genetic.

I've actually posted analysis of the teabagging events on politico, but here's a recap:

Pretty impressive turnout, which was aided by the promotion and material support from Fox News and local GOP organizations (at least here in Atlanta.

In aggregate the events weren't as large as Obama's crowds, and represent a spurt of resentment over Obama's election and the loss of power by the fringe right.

That's my analysis. If the events continue I'll post more.