Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun with wingnuttery: Politico Comments

The personal profiles on the website seem to be intended to evoke the behavior of a social site like Facebook or MySpace. There is a mechanism for "friending" other participants, and for blogging and leaving comments.

This feature does not seem to be widely used, but recently a few comments have been appearing on my profile page, and two of them in particular caught my attention.

One was from someone who identified him-or-herself as "Phineas Blog site" which leads me to believe the post was in reference to Wingnuts in the Wild. The post is as follows:

"I wish I would have run into you at a teaparty, I would have smashed your camera."

A charming testament to the sentiments of the teabaggers, and reinforcement for my primary rule when I'm threatened outside the bounds of normal political discourse -- "Always press charges". By that I only mean real world threats, to myself or my equipment. The wingnut in question can bluster away on these internet forums.

The second, posted with no name or nym, merely stated:

"You're a sick man, everytime you post your hatred of whites and God is evident. You should be made to sit and watch the 700 hundred club reruns you might learn something."

This one is particularly interesting, since I've never posted anything I'm aware of which was particularly directed at white people in general (after all, I'm white myself). I have pointed out that the GOP and the Teabaggers are overwhelmingly white organizations, which is not a winner on the national political stage given the increasing diversity of the US. And as for hating God, I've only periodically mentioned religion, I'm a churchgoer myself (although right wing evangelical Christians might not accept my credentials, since I'm not a right wing evangelical).

All in all I'm very happy to be getting comments, both the positive ones and the weird stuff (I've yet to get any well measured criticism, which I would also welcome).

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NEWSGUY said...

Something has seriously gone wrong with the education system. People are dangerously ignorant. I think Republican leaders like it that way. The crowd is easier to manipulate. Things aren't looking too good for the republic with this crowd coming out of the woodwork.