Thursday, December 11, 2008

The World Nut Daily is my favorite website

One can prove that the internet is becoming sentient by the simple act of doing a google search on either of two phrases: "World Nut Daily" or "wingnut daily". Both searches yield "World Net Daily" as their top search result, proving that the web knows its nuts.

The World Net Daily is pure comedy gold. While most of the wingnuts who could muster enough coherence to type complete sentences are fleeing from the wacko birth certificate crowd, the World Net Daily keeps the faith, and the articles on Obama's alleged lack of eligibility continue to dominate WND's homepage index. Even has steered its crew of commenters away from this Gong Show of a crusade, a sure sign that one has wandered too far out into the wilderness of complete lunacy.

One of the funniest articles of all time in wingnut daily's rich motherlode of hilarity is a multipart series claiming that the estrogens in soy products will make you gay. In fact this assertion isn't even buried deep in the recesses of an article with a more sane sounding title. The articles lead off with the title:

Soy is making kids 'gay'

Click on the link and read it for yourself. You won't be disappointed. And browse the other articles. It's impossible for me to imagine the editorial crew of this brilliant site without visualling them with red rubber noses wacking themselves on the head with huge mallets. Seriously it's that zany.

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Mark said...

I'm a conservative (at least fiscally) - and yes, the World Net Daily puts up a lot of crap. That's why they aren't that popular except in right wing circles.